Michael Kendix's British Models

This is Revell's 1/72nd scale S.E.5a kit. The pilot was tossed in the spares' box and a cockpit interior built. Other additions included a long site atop the fuselage, a windshield, pitot tube and a complete Vickers to replace the "Half" Vickers that accompanied the kit. The latter pokes through into the cockpit area as in the original.

The Bristol Fighter 2B is a 1/72 Airfix kit built almost entirely out-of-the-box. Small additions included scratchbuilding the side rudder control bars, taking the wing skids from an Airfix Airco DH4 kit and pilots from an Airfix R.E.8 kit. The control horns were scratchbuilt from plastic strip. The PC-10 colour is at the "green end" of the spectrum, mixed from Humbrol's WWI Green and Matt Earth. The decals are out of the box except for the roundels and tail fin colours, which are taken from an extra set of decals in the Eduard Flashback, Sopwith Strutter kit.

The Sopwith Triplane is an out-of-the-box 1/72nd scale Revell kit, no longer in production. The control horns were scratchbuilt from plastic strip.

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