Michael Kendix's Central Powers Models

This was built from the 1/72nd scale Roselpane vacuform Oeffag C.II kit. The wood surface is wood decal from Tauro, which I scuffed-up a bit using 220 grit sandpaper and then did a little dry-brushing with various shades of brown acrylic. The flying surfaces are clear doped linen (CDL) for I used "Cat-Whisker Yellow"; possibly it is too yellow but I like to experiment and not make every kit that has CDL look the same colour. The cross decals are from my "spare's" folder, the white squares are sprayed decal paper, and the "52.67" was done on an HP LaserJet using clear decal paper. A picture of 52.67 can be found in the Flying machines Press book "Austro-Hungarian Army Aircraft of World War One" page 243. Rigging is .005" straight stainless steel wire from Small Parts Inc. The struts are carved from bamboo, and the landing gear is made from a combination of piano wire and plastic rod. This is a high quality vacuform kit and I recommend it highly.

This is Hit Kit's 1/72nd scale Oeffag Albatros D.III Series 153. The engine and wheels are from Roseparts, the interplane struts are from an Esci D.III kit, and the other struts and landing gear had to be scrtchbuilt from plastic rod and piano wire. This kit was quite a challenge, with its large amount of flash and flimsy decals. Unfortunately, no other better kit of this aeroplane exists in 1/72nd scale.

This is the 1/72nd scale Toko kit of the Aviatik D.1 berg, whose photograph appears on page 63 of Grosz et al.'s "Austro-Hungarian Army Aircraft of World War One". This is basically out-of-the box with a few minor exceptions; the ailerons and tail elevators were cut away, and the cabane struts were made from plastic rodsince the kit ones did not fit. The rigging is made from .005" stanless steel wire from SmallParts Inc. The hexagonal pattern are the kit decals, whose colours are probably too bright. This is a relatively straghtforward kit and well worth the inexpensive outlay.

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