Allied Aircraft
by Gregory Jouette

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Breguet 14b

Kit: Unknown (1:48)

The scale is 1/48 and this is a vacuform kit.Sometime in the early 90's I ordered this kit from an add in Finescale Modeler. the Breguet is part of a WWI exhibit at the Mississippi Armed Forces Museum as well as several other of my project dealing with the same era.I'm including a link to some of my project at the MAF Museum of all eras from the Civil War to WWII.

Airco DH-2

Kit: Scratch (1:48)

This project was my very first attempt at scratch building completed in 1990. The fuselage is a basic build up of plastic card stock following the Harry Woodman method. The interior was built up with plastic strips and odd bits of spare photo ecthed parts . The tail is brass rod Contrail Strut stock,wheels,engine,Lewis M/G and prop are Aeroscale products. The DH-2's wing are constructed from plastic stock in a solid piece sanded to shape with thin plastic strips added to represent the ribs. Looking back on this project it wasn't as difficult as I thought it would be with the exception of the lack of references.The sole reference for this project was Aircraft Archive Aircraft of World War One Vol.2.

Spad XII

Kit: Hawk (1:48)

The donor kit was the old Hawk SPAD XIII kit. The fuselage required the most work to get it to the point I was satisfied with, but only after hours of filing and sanding.Once I had the basic shape the entire fuselage was reskinned to restore the surface details removed lost.Although it's not seen the XII includes the 37 mm cannon breech and a scratch built cockpit.


Kit: Monogram (1:48)

These photos are of my SE-5 project in 1/48 scale. The original idea was to kit bash a early SE-5 with a greenhouse canopy from the Monogram and Lindberg kits.However the aim of the project changed due to my inability to correctly shape the master for the greenhouse canopy,instead it became an production model SE-5. As completed this project used a much cut down and reshaped Monogram fuselage with a modified nose from the Lindberg kit. The wings are reshaped Lindberg examples with the tail planes from the Monogram kit.Assorted other parts were used from the Lindberg kit such as the Hisso engine and the landing gear.All the struts were fabricated from Contrail Struts,both MG's are Aeroclub,and the decals are from my spares. The interior details were scratch built from plastic bar and card stock.

Sopwith Triplane

Kit: Koster (1:48)

Koster Sopwith Tripe in 1/48 scale.

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