Pfalz D.III
by Graham Hunter

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Eduard 1/48 Pfalz D.IIIa Profipack

I started the D.IIIa with the intentions of doing Hans Bethge's from Jasta 30 wi th the horizontal fuselage stripes. But after getting the FMP Pfalz book with cl earer pictures of Max Holtzem's D.IIIa I changed my mind. As the images show I a m in the full lozenge camp as far as Holtzem's Pfalz is concerned. In comparing photos of Pollinger's A/C and Holtzem's I felt that the top wing could also be l ozenge. To me it appears to be a darker shade of mottled grey as opposed to a li ghter silbregreu (sp). I also love the look of lozenge so I am a bit biased. At any rate I had lots of fun (dicta Ira) with this 10 month project.

Windsock Data File #21 Pfalz D.IIIa; Flying Machine Press, Pfalz Aircraf t of World War I; Flight Magazine English Capture Report of Pfalz D.III (from WW I Aero)

After Market:
Tecmod 5 colour lozenge decals; Aeromaster Pfalz Part I Decal Sheet; Tom 's Modelworks Pfalz D.III photo etch (PE) set; Copper State Models PE Nuts & Bol ts set; Eduard PE gauge set (for compass)

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