Bristol M.1c
by Graham Hunter

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Aircraft represents RFC 17 Squadron Bristol M1.c C4913 in Macedonia during 1918. Canadian Lt. Arthur Eyguem De Montainge "Jock" Jarvis DFC flew C4913 to two victories on consecutive days in April 1918. On 25 April 1918 Jarvis put a DFW C out of control over Angista and on 26 April 1918 destroyed a DFW C over Kuakli.

References: Windsock Data File #52 Bristol M1's; Pictures from U of New Hampshire WWI web site Imperial War Museum's M1.c; U of NH WWI list member Steve Cox's pictures of Shuttleworth's reproduction M1.C;; British Aeroplanes of 1914 to 1918 by J.M. Bruce; Canadian Airmen and the First World War by S.F. Wise

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