Central Powers Model Images
by John Huggins

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LLoyd C.V

Kit: Special Hobby (1:72)

Here are some shots of my Lloyd C.V, 46.01 from Flik 13D on the Russian front in Oct 1917. This is the Special Hobby kit in 1/72 scale built out of the box except for the rigging attachment brackets and turnbuckles which came from Part and the gun which came from Rosemont.

The varnished plywood was nothing more than a white base coat with a very light brushing of Burnt Umber acrylic put on with a sponge. This was then over coated with several coats of Amber Future. I filled a small bottle with Future, then added three drops of yellow food color and one drop of red food color to get the amber color.

The prop has the same treatment but I used a dark mahogany color to get the darker wood. This kit goes together pretty well, but it is not for the faint at heart. This was not a week end project. I have about 30 hours in it. If you really want a Lloyd, this is the one to get.

Pfalz D.III

This is the Roden Pfalz D.III. I added some of the PART D.XII brass parts for the cockpit, and used disks cut or punched out of 5 thou card stock for the inspection/access covers on the fuselage. I used the same "eye ring" treatment for the rigging as I used on the Gotha. I think it presents a more realistic look to the model. If you look at pictures of the real airplanes, the rigging wires did not attach directly to the struts, but to fittings on teh spars that the struts attached to.

The paints are Gunze dark Blue Gray and Dark Green with an Off White on the lower surfaces. The wheels are the spoke wheels from the PART D.XII sest. I took the kit wheels and using a dremel tool, cut the wheel portion away from the tire, leaving a small amount of the wheel to glue the brass to. There is a small section of tubing in the center of the wheel to represent the axil fittings. The entire operation turned out to be a lot easier than I first thought, and only took about 15 minutes per wheel.

Again, the photos were taken with the first generation digital camera.

Phönix D.I

This is the MAC Phönix D.I kit. The fuselage was finished in a dark varnished wood first. The upper surfaces were painted in a light brown/Tan color and the lower surfaces were painted CDL (Russian Armor Yellow). The Dark brown was applied with a small sponge on all upper surfaces. The struts are painted black. The radiator pipes were added from copper wire. All of the rigging attachment points have small eye bolts installed. There are PART turnbuckles on all of the fuselage and lower wing ends of the rigging wires (invisible thread). The prop was painted white, followed by a streaking of Burnt Umber, then over coated with an amber tinted Future. Decals are from the kit.

Over all, the fit was not bad. I had to do a little bit of filling and a bit of fiddling around with the interior parts. The parts match up almost spot on to the drawings in the data file. All in all, it was a nice build and all of teh parts fit as expected. No real problems.

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