Pre-War Aircraft Model Images
by Vaclav Hochmuth

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Antoinette VII

Another scratch-built kit representing one of the most beautiful airplanes ever built (I think). The real machine with a starting number 29 was placed third during the first aerial meeting near Rheims in august 1909. The kit is made of plastic sheet (the wing has it own construction, like the real plane). A big help were the photos of the preserved engine in Krakow museum. The wood was painted using the oil colours over a synthetic paint (Humbrol enamel) The wheels are from HR model wheel set. The rigging is also kofix.

Fokker Spin III

It was my first attempt to scratchbuilt an airplane, directly inspired by Robert Karr's article at Internetmodeler. I used plastic sheet and a wire for most of the construction. The wheels came from Eduard's M-S L. The rigging is made from a kofix candle (a kind of coloured polyethylene used in the reparation of skis.)

Curtiss Rheims Racer

Another machine from the Rheims meeting, this time a winner of Gordon-Benett cup. It is a 100% scratchbuilt including new rigged wheels, engine etc. The main construction material is plastic - plastic sheets, the Evergreen o profiles for the "fuselage" and the steel wir for the undercarriage. The wood was painted using oil colours. The decals were printed by APC decals. I must thanks to Karen Rychlewski for helping me with the documentation.

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