Central Powers Aircraft Model Images
by Vaclav Hochmuth

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Albatros D.III (Oef.) series 153

A conversion from Eduard's D.III OAW. The kit has new frontal area with the Austro Daimler engine, new wing radiator and a new rudder. There are also some minor changes in the interior and the undercarriage. The whole model represents a airplane flown by top scoring Austro-Hungarian ace Godwin Brumowski. The decals came from Eduartd kits and the skulls are created using a laser printer.

Loerzer's Fokker D.VII (early)

Oblt. Bruno Loerzer, Jasta 26, mid 1918. The model is built directly from the box, with some minor corrections in the cockpit (seat, throttle etc.). The lozenge decals are from FCM and all the markings are painted with pre-cut masks (designed in Corel DRAW). The model went together very well needing only some minor adjustements (engine cowlning, struts). It was a really quick project finished only in 1 month

Pfalz D.III

Eduard 1/48 kit buil straight of the box (except of changed marking). It was my firs real attempt to build a WWI airplane in 1/48.

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