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Eduard Pfalz D.IIIa Profipack

Before I get into the kit lets talk about the markings. Eduard gives you the markings for a Pfalz D.IIIa flown by Hans Berthge Co. of Jasta 30 March 1918 (White stripes over the factory SilberGrau) In all my references I cannot confirm this color scheme!

So I decided to do my Pfalz in the markings of Lt. Erich Kaus of Jasta 30 (Jasta 30 was one of the few units equipped exclusively with the Pfalz D.III/D.IIIa)

Black stripes over the SilberGrau factory finish with lozenge covered wings.

OK! As Windsock states the stripes could also be lilac??? But after studying the photos I decided on black!

I did this color scheme in reverse, in other words I painted the fuselage black first,(Primed white first, which is also the color of the tail surfaces) Then masked the black stripes using scotch magic tape cut from Xerox copies of the decal sheet. (Insert copies into a plastic sheet protector & use a very sharp xacto blade)

I used the profipack express masks to mask the tail outline. These express masks are GREAT if you get the chance to use them DO SO!

Also while I was at it I cut out masks of the Diamonds including the black outline around them, this way I could trim the black outline from around the orange diamond & just position the orange diamond (decal) on the completed model.

The wings were covered in 5 color lozenge decal. (Pegasus Decals, expensive! But some of the best I have used!) Light blue rib tape also from Pegasus. Remember the leading & trailing edges also have rib tapes applied. I used Testors Azure blue which is almost an exact match, & a very fine brush run along the leading & trailing edges.

The center section of the Pfalz D.III/D.IIIa's were covered in plywood. SO back to the reference material!!!! Was this also covered in 5 color lozenge???? YES!!!! After looking & looking I started looking at crash photos of Pfalz D.III aircraft & there it was a wrinkled center section! (wood doesn't wrinkle!) This is what I based my 5 color lozenge  covered center section on.

I intended to use a base coat of green on the upper surfaces of the wings & a lighter color for the under surfaces as per Pegasus' recommendations, but I was running out of time!!!! I had three  days to finish this Sucker for a regional !!!! Ouch I hate rushing!!!

So I used a coat of Future on Eduard bare plastic to lozenge the wings, this says a lot for Pegasus decals!  On to the kit!

Is it a good kit?  YES! Does it have problems? YES! (As all kits do!) Don't get me wrong, I loved this kit, but it does have it's problems. Especially for someone who is not familiar with the aircraft. The two biggest problems for me were the interior & the way the lower wing fits to the fuselage. The problem with the interior (which I discovered real quick!) is that it is for a Pfalz D.III which had the guns buried in the fuselage. So back to the scratch building corner!

Everything had to move back toward the cockpit because the guns moved making the ammo cans way too far forward. SO What started out as I'll throw this sucker together in a few nights turned into another, If I don't fix this, I'll never sleep again! (as usual!)

The way the lower wing is molded in one piece looks great at first until you remember that the center section of the wing is an integral part of the fuselage! I had a bear of a time getting rid of these seams!

I used lead wire rolled out flat for the seat belts. (with buckles added from the Eduard photo-etched set) Photo-cut machine gun jackets. Eduard intrument bezels with decals.

The prop was sprayed Testors wood then masked & sprayed a darker shade of wood.

Surgical steel wire was used for the rigging (Thanks Bill Arnold)  I know I have left a lot of stuff out so feel free to Email me with any questions! I am always very happy to share & answer any questions!

Quite surprising tome I did real well at the Regional I HATE RUSHING! 

I took a 1st, best overall aircraft, & best era aircraft! WOW! I needed a beer after that!

Happy modeling to all! &  Remember to have FUN! I DID, In Between the Cussing!

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