Fiat F5b
by Martín Héctor Afflitto Echagüe

This is Martín's scratch-built Fiat. It suffered damage while being transported by bus to a convention!

He adds:
I thought it a lot,the truth is that I didn't want to show it because it's broken,never the less and because of the action of Diego and Ronny who convinced me to do it. It's done from scratch,the wings are done in white plastic board of 0.25mm,printed in common ballpen and filled in with a 1.5mm of diameter. The central nacelle is also made of plastic board with internal structures hemstitched in transparent acrylic,the same as the anemometer.For the rest of the structure wood of 1mm was used.

The radiators are made of copper strings glued with epoxy resin. The Lewis machine gun is part of Aeroclub (The butt)with the photoetched rest from Copper State,the same as the Mercedes engine modified (the cylinders were joined in pairs) in order to build the Fiat A 10 engine.

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