Dan Hartz' 1/72nd Models

The following pictures are of Dan Hartz' models. For more information, Dan can be contacted via E-mail at: DNSH@aol.com His comments are below:
Eduard Dr.I. I used Extracolor doped linen over Extracolor Fokker blue. Extracolor really works well for me and was very tough when standing up against the streaking process. The streaking was done with Humbrol after the Extracolor dried hard. The white is Tamiya. The engine is an Aeroclub replacement painted aluminum and detailed with black and brown washes. The cockpit is moderately detailed using most of the ProfiPack parts. Fit of all parts was near perfect. Adding a bit of stretched sprue finished off Weiss' aircraft, or at least my interpretation of it.

The Halberstadt is the 1/72 scale Pegasus kit. It was joy to build. I scratchbuilt the cockpit, used brass stock for the struts, and Almark lozenge decals. To replicate the mottling on the fuselage, I first sprayed it with Tamiya buff, then went back with Humbrol enamel for the four colors. I used a round stiff bristled brush and used a stippling action to apply the colors. I had read in the Datafile that that was how it was done on the real A/C and it worked great on the model. The wheel chocks were Airwaves products and the cart and the hand grenades were scratchbuilt.

The D.VIII is a combination of the 1/72 Eduard kit and the Aeroclub kit. I liked the fuselage on the Eduard kit, and the photoetch interior they provided was a reasonable place to start the cockpit detailing. I didn't like the Eduard wing and replaced that with the Aeroclub wing. Surprisingly, the strut locating holes were a perfect match on the wing. I also used the Aeroclub kit engine. The wheels are from Rosemont; the ones with the rubber tire. I liked the scheme provided in the 1/48 DML Hans Goerth D.VIII kit and thought it would look great in 1/72. I probably should have used four color lozenge, but I really liked the five color by Pegasus. They worked very well without any solvent needed. To do the fuselage numeral, I photocopied the DML kit decals and then reduced them down to the approximate size. I then overlaid the copied paper with scotch tape on both sides. I then cut out the numeral with my scalpel and used the remaining paper as a stencil to spray the numeral on clear decal film. I later read that the scheme on that particular D.VIII may have been a light blue, but I like the yellow.

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