Allied Models
by Brad Gossen

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Albert Ball's Nieuport 16c

This is the Toko 1/72 Nieuport 16c as flown by Albert Balll

Brad adds:
This is my first finished kit in approximately 15 years (ok! it's not rigged so it's not finished!). The reason it's not rigged and is slathered with 136 coats of future is that I had to accept the inevitability that my 2-year old son will get his hands on it (ok! the real reason is that I'm basically lazy, frightened of rigging in itsy bitsy scale and the 136 coats of future are covering up the many repaired paint chips and sundry scuffs and finger prints!)

The kit is strictly OOB and was built over a long weekend (if rigged I'd likely be looking at another 3 years). Sources used for the markings were Datafile Special 'Nieuport Fighters vol. 1' by J.M. Bruce, 'Victoria Cross WW1 Airmen and Their Aircraft' by Alex Revell and illustrated by Bob Pearson and 'Albert Ball VC' by Chaz Bowyer. All fabric surfaces are coated in future while the forward fuselage panelling is left matt. I used future to highlight the oil streaks on the side panels. I think I over did it and will endeavor to tone this down in future kits.

I had some difficulty photographing this kit and what look like chips around the edges are in fact light reflections from the 136 coats of future. Oh, and if you notice anything missing from the aircraft it's because the ack emmas have removed it for repair!

I'm looking forward to experimenting with more techniques discussed on the list in projects to come.

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