Imperial Nieuport Models
by Artur Golebiewski

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Kozakow's Nieuport

Imperial Russian Nieuport, this of course is Kozakow and his Nieuport 11

Rabioff's Nieuport

Imperial Russian Nieuport the pilot is Alexander Rabioff.

Tadeusz Grochowalski's Nieuport

This one in turn was flown by Tadeusz Grochowalski of 7 Awiatoriad. It is a Nieuport 23 and the decals were custom made by one of our own...Tomasz Gronczewski...

Donat Makijonek's Nieuport 17

This is a Nieuport 17 flown by the only Polish ace in the Imperial Russian Air Service, Donat Makijonek. He fitted a spinner that looks remarkably like that form an Albatros de Drei to his machine. Makijonek accounted for six victories during the war. Afterwards he commanded a scout squadron during the Bolshevik war of 1919/1920, where he flew tirelessly despite his failing health. He was out of flying and air force by the twenties but stayed involved with the administrative matters. He ended his distinguished life tragically, gassed in the chambers of Aushwitz by the Nazis. Salut, Donat!

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