by Jean-Claude Glineur

Belgian and A.E.F. Figures

Kit: From Scratch (1:72)

I'm back with some mechanics figures to go with Belgian and A.E.F. airplanes. Almost completed, save minor details here and there.Quite a few others in the pipe-line too. Made as described in my earlier post on small scale figures.

Pilots and Ground Crews

Kit: From Scratch (1:72)

I hope you might be interested in publishing pictures in your gallery of several of my home made figures of pilots and ground crew from WW I. Tired of waiting for them being made by any manufacturer, I finally decided to make my own from bits and pieces, milliput and (or) any material that suits, including a lot of research. Time-consuming and therefore still not entirely finished but in the end a lot cheaper and how rewarding!

Edmond Thieffry Figure

Kit: From Scratch (1:72)

Please find three pictures of my figure in 1/72 scale of well-known Belgian WWI pilot Edmond Thieffry.

A photo of Thieffry, his left foot resting on a wheel of his Nie 23 (published in an old review of IPMS Belgium), gave me the inspiration. Built as usual around bits and pieces, mostly from Preiser, completely rebuilt anatomy and posture (one has to take the pose himselsf to arrived at, notwithstanding mockery from one's spouse and children).

Uniform and details built from Milliput, extensively reworked folds and creases, hair and moustache from putty. I lost his right foot in the process, almost finished though.

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