Central Powers Aircraft
by Jean-Claude Glineur

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Albatros D.III

Kit: ESCI (1:72)

Please find pictures of my Albatros D III, made several years ago from the old Esci kit, scale 1/72.

Model was extensively modified, starting with the fuselage whose section was filed flat (too rounded and looking more like a D V's fuselage on the kit), re-scoring panel lines, refining trailing edges, cutting all movable surfaces and putting them back into a more dynamic position, building a new radiator from scratch, detailing the engine from the kit, replacing all struts with strips of suitable thickness and so on... Rigging is from HSP.

Colour scheme and markings were inspired by the one and only reference I had at the time "Squadron Signal publications" devoted to Albatros figthers ; I'm not sure, therefore, of their authenticity. In an effort to convey an atmosphere, I've included a simple grass work and scratch-built or extensively modified figures. I think that it helps in bringing one's models alive.

I must confess that I'm still pleased with the result after all those years.

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