Allied Aircraft
by Jean-Claude Glineur

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Nieuport 23

Kit: ESCI (1:72)

Please find pictures of my Nieuport 23, another much reworked, old ESCI kit. Inspired by a picture published in Air International Quaterly (Two interesting volumes devoted to Nieuport fighters in the eighties, as far as I can remember) I found later another picture of the same machine and noticed that the black (?) horse painted on the fuselage had in fact rollers instead of hooves. It supposedly represents a wooden horse, ridden by children in those days. Too late to correct my home -made decals painstakingly painted on a piece of clear film !

As to the built,all struts were replaced, cut-outs were made in the top wing to receive aileron crank system built from scratch, bottom part of engine cowling was hollo! wed out and a few cylinders installed, machine-gun (off-set to the right on the Ni 23) detailed, undercarriage completely rebuilt from scratch and the usual stuff... Rigging as always from stretched sprue, pilot and ground crew from bits and pieces, simple ground work built on an adapted picture frame.

Painted with a mix of metallic and silver paints, drawing inks used for weathering the beast.

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