Allied Aircraft
by Stephen Gilbert

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Spad Models

Kit: Various (1:Various)

’ve enjoyed WWI for years. Thought you might get some use or buzz out of some SPADs I have built.

The photos show thirteen SPAD XIIIs, one SPAD XII of the 13th Aero Squadron, and a Fokker D.VII of Jasta 13. This was for a local model group’s 13th Annual Contest. They didn’t appreciate my entries, so perhaps your group will. Each SPAD is from a different squadron: 13th, 17th, 22nd, 27th, 28th, 49th, 93rd, two 94ths, 103rd, 138th, 139th, 185th, 213th; also 91 Squadriglia. I try to build for a specific pilot and to display a different numeral on the plane.

There are a 22nd (#20 Smith IV), two more 27ths (#23, 26), a 94th(Rickenbacker’s Old #1), Esc SPA 80 (#4), a 213th (#6), and a 638th (#11) coming soon. Biggest problem is a lack of suitably accurate cockade and tail stripe decals.

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