Older models
by Rick Geisler

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1970's Builds

Kit: Revelle,Airfix,Classic Plane (1:72)

These are 1/72nd builds from the Late 60s'/early 70s'! Definantly OOB. Triplanes are Revelle. Albatros DIII is Revelle, and Fokker EV is a Vac, (Classic Planes I think),Alabatros DV is Airfix. Paints were Testors Pla Enamels, Pactra Military colors, and were hand Painted(I think).The Hangar was made from Balsa wood, ground work is model RR scenery material. The wagon wheel has a spare MG mounted although not visible in the Photo.Also the Lozenge on the Fuselage of the EV was Handpainted. Fortunantly NOT VERY VISIBLE!The second Photo is from the same timeframe. All are Revelle Dr1s'.Any info on Paint schemes was most likely taken from the Profile Publications. About the only reference I had at the time! Sorry about the quality of the photos. They were taken when I was Somewhere in the Neighborhood of 18-19 years old.Added these to my site Just for Fun!


Kit: Revell (1:72)

This is a Revelle 1/72nd SE5a. The kit was modified by cutting the aielerons and positioning in the dropped position( Both Port and Starboard)Although I did not fully understand Aerodynamics and control systems at the time, the SE did have a tendency to show the control surfaces both down( although not quite this drastic). I had no Idea at the time, just thought it looked cool!The Markings were intended to represent A.P.F. Rhys Davids SE5a from 56 Sq. This was my interpretation from reading Fighting Fury by JTB McCudden. The #1 on the wings stems from McCuddens description( Large 1s on the Planes) I did not think of Upper and lower, but of Left and right!The numbers were trimmed from Revelle SPADXIII Rickenbackers markings. Probably one of my first Strechted sprue rigging efforts! Paints most likely were Pactra Military Colors. As Ira would say," Have Fun" P.S. The background is 100% Terry Cloth Towel!

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