Large Scale aircraft
by Rick Geisler

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Albatros DI Jasta 2

Kit: Roden (1:32)

The Roden Albatros D1 is a well done example of the original with little modification necessary. I have built this kit "mostly Out of the Box". A few leftover PE parts from my Albatros DIII build from Eduard and Toms Modelworks were used to enhance the detail, as well as The Eduard Pre Painted German Seatbelts set.

Nungesser SPADXIII 1/32nd

Kit: Hobbycraft (1:32)

This is the Hobbycraft 1/32nd SPADXIII.The kit was built OOB. I used HSS for Rigging,and painted with my own mix of Acrylic paints. The only deviation from kit painting instructions was the Triangular marking in white on the Fuselage Decking. I felt that the shape I chose more closely represented the photo I had of this Aircraft.I still have a few wires to add along with the windscreen. Photos will be updated at that time!

Albatros D5

Kit: wing Nut Wings (1:32)

This is the Wing Nut Wings 1/32nd Albatros DV built virtually Out of the Box. Wood Grain effect is raw and burnt sienna artists oils over polyscale cdl and citadel Skull white.I chose to do the personal tail marking in black as both Dr. Merril of Americal gryphon, and Greg van Wyngarden suggest this as a possibility. The wing camo is usually depicted as lozenge, but pictures on the WNW website suggest that Lilac an Green are just as plausible,if not more probable.

Robert Ritter Von Greims DR1

Kit: Roden (1:32)

The Roden 1/32nd Fokker Dr1 is an excellent kit although not without faults. This model represents a former JG1 aircraft flown by Robert Ritter von Greim in Jasta 34B. I added seat belts, some instruments, and a few other details. The wing streaking was acheived using Polyscale RR color Aged White, and Artists Oils.Silver rear fuselage is Floquil Old Silver. Fuselage bands,cabane struts, wing ties, cowling are Polyscale RailRoad colors,AT&SF Red.

Sopwith Triplane

Kit: WNW (1:32)

This is the WNW Triplane built pretty Much OOB. Rigging is Fishing line as usual.

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