JG 1 aircraft
by Rick Geisler

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Fokker DR1: Part 1

Kit: Encore (1:32)

This is the Encore version of the Roden DR1 built out of the box utilizing the Eduard PE supplied in the kit. I did not use the resin parts supplied as they were mainly intended to build an F1. Paints are Extra Color WW1 german green, and undersurface blue. The streaks were applied using a "wet" technique, virtually using thinner to pull away all pigment you do not want to stay, leaving lighter and darker areas.

Fokker DR1 502/17, Jasta 11

Kit: Eduard (1:48)

This is an out of the box build of Eduards 1/48th scale DR1. I utilized the Gunsight Graphics streaking decals, then added just a few random streaks with ols. Base coat is Polyscale CDL over Misterkit Fokker Turquoise.

Fokker E.V

Kit: DML (1:48)

DML 1/48th Fokker EV. Kit is OOB with the exception of the struts. These were modified from the Eduard kit. Lozenge Decals from the Koster Vac kit.Wing and Axle wing,upper forward fiuselage,Polyscale French/Fokker Green. Model represents an Aircraft from Jasta 6,1918. All markings come from the Koster Decal sheet,and the Eduard Kit. Rigging is HSS.

Jasta 6 Fokker EV

Kit: Eduard (1:48)

This is the Eduard Fokker EV built mainly OOB. The only additions are replacing the control stick with a spare from a DML Triplane, and the Pump from the same source. This is an excellent kit, and any flaws in the build are MINE, not the kit! I used Americal Gryphon Lozenge,inside and out. Longerons were actually wrapped with Lozenge decals. The wing has been painted to represent the streaked multi color scheme which is of course somewhat controversial. Floquil and Polyscale paints were used for the Brown, Green, Violet, and Blue. DML decals were used for the Jasta 6 markings on the cowling and fuselage. Artists oils were used for the Oil stains on the fuselage and axle wing.

Jasta 11 Triplane

Kit: DML (1:48)

This is the DML kit built Out of the Box.This is of course an IN Progress photo shoot! I will update soon as this one is done! Decals are a combination of several Aftermarket companies. This scheme represents a DR1 photographed at LeChelle in 1918, possibly flown by Eberhardt Mohnicke. Paints are my own mix of Gunze acrylics for the Fokker Turquoise Blue, and Poly scale CDL with Artists Oils streaking.

Jasta 10 Albatros DIII OAW

Kit: Eduard (1:48)

This is the Eduard Limited Edition Jasta 11 Issue of their excellent Albatros DIII. This kit comes with PE, Masks ( Jasta 5 tail markings as well as panels and wheels), and an excellent decal sheet. I built mine making only a couple of corrections. I cut away the Ailerons and made a more correct hinge and control set up for an Albatros DIII. Elevator was also repositioned. I filled in the panel lines which were not appropriate for the OAW DIII, and added the rectangular Step and panel on the nose. The Wood finish is Polyscale CDL,and a few panels of Polyscale Dirty White as a base. I then used Raw Sienna Artists oils ( Grumbacher).The raw sienna is applied slightly wet using Testors Airbrush thinner to reduce the thickness of the oils and speed drying time. The bulk of the paint is then brushed off using a 1/2" round brush and a fan brush. This leaves just a hint of the sienna color and allows the undercoat to give the wood that "Yellow" tinge created by the varnish. I feel this is much better than more complicated methods for acheiving wood effects on Albatros fighters.( JMHO)! The Lilac and green is a combination of Polyscale and Misterkit acrylics, as are the blue undersurfaces of the wing. Decals are Aeromaster and represent the Jasta 10 Albatros DIII OAW possibly flown by Erich Loewenhardt.

Albatros DIII Jasta 11

Kit: Roden (1:32)

Part 1

This is the Roden 1/32nd scale Albatros DIII Early version. I utilized PE parts available from Eduard and Toms Modelworks. The wood finish is artists oils raw and burnt sienna over a CDL base. The model will be finished in the markings of Manfred von Richthofen,Jasta 11, @ April 1917. The interior is updated with the Eduard parts as well as the manufacturers plates on the engine. The engine was painted with Citadel and Testors model Masters paints. The Grey Green is Polyscale British Interior Green and RLM grey/green mixed.

Part 2 (July 5, 2008)

Progress continues on the MvR Albatros. Major construction is finished with no unexpected problems. As all who have built this kit have found the engine cover presents an opportunity for filling and sanding.I am building this kit with the covers off so only had to deal with the portion containing the cockpit coaming. I have pre painted the wings with darker versions of the primary camo colors.These were then taped off in preparation for the Misterkit acrylics which will be used for the main color scheme.

Aug 13, 2008

Another update. Wing camo has been completed and wood grain added to the fuselage.Decals were applied to the fuselage and fin/rudder. This was then overpainted with a thin coat of Monogram Pro Modeler Acrylic insignia red.The photos after painting the red were taken in low light and do not show the amount of variation in the red that is actually present.

Nov 7, 2008

Latest update: The upper wing has been attached. I did just a small and hopefully restrained amount of weathering/chipping around the fuselage crosses per the original.

November 14, 2008

These are the final pictures of this build.All rigging has been completed using 4lb. test Trout fishing line. The overall finish is polyscale Satin.

Jasta 6 Albatros DVa

Kit: WNW (1:32)

This is a Jasta 6 Albatros DVa pilot unknown. I used the kit pretty much Out of the Box. The fuselage wood grain effect is done using a beige acrylic and then over painted using Burnt and raw sienna Oils. The Fuselage band was masked and painted to match the original. Wing lozenge is Aviattic 5 color joined and Trimmed.

Fokker DVII: Fritz Freidrich Jasta 10

Kit: WNW (1:32)

This is the WNW 1/32nd Fokker DVII built virtually Out of the Box. Lozenge and Streaks are decals provided in the kit. Yellow Nose and Tail; are Monogram Pro Modeler Acrylic paint. Rigging is Stretched Sprue. Lozenge was toned down using a beige overspray. The streak decals were slightly altered using overlays made from extra streaking provided in the kit.

Göring's Fokker D.VII

Kit: DML (1:48)

This is the DML Fokker D VII in 1/48th. The markings represent JG1s' last commander,Herman Goring. The modifications include cutting down the Left Fuselage cockpit coaming,and adding a hand grip on the left side{Apparently used for the ease of ingress and egress for the Arthritic Goring}. Also added deflector plates behind MGs.Control surfaces were deflected for added realism. The model is painted with Floquil Reefeer White,Shaded with French White. Pastels and Artist Oil s were used to show what IMHO the Aircraft would have looked like after a while at the front,in service.Heat Streched Sprue used for the Rigging.

Fokker DVII Jasta 10

Kit: WNW (1:32)

This is the WNW Fokker DVII F. As usual built pretty much Out of the Box. The Scheme represents the Conjectural Fokker DVII F with Overpainted fuselage flown by Erich Loewenhardt. The Lozenge is Aviattic cookie cutter version. I used the kit Lozenge on the Fuselage then oversprayed with Misterkit Jasta 10 yellow leaving just a touch of Lozenge showing through. I also added some wrinkles to the fabric near the engine panels using delta ceramicoat acrylic paint.


Kit: Wing Nut Wings (1:32)

This represents a "Typical" Jasta 4 Pfalz just prior to the change from Iron Cross To Balkan Cross @ the time of the March offensive. Lozenge is Aviattic 5 color cookie cutter designed for the WNW Pfalz. The silbergrau is a mixture of Pactra racing silver and Testors Hellblau. The wound ribbon is masked and sprayed. Rigging is 2lb. test Trout fishing line. Turnbuckles are white glue and smoke and Mirrors.

Jasta 6 Fokker DVII (OAW)

Kit: WNW (1:32)

This is the WNW Fokker DVII (OAW) built to represent one Flown by Jasta 6 commander Ulrich Neckel. The Stripes for the upper and lower rear fuselage are supplied in the kit. The rest must be masked and painted. I used Aviattic 4 color Lozenge for the wings.

Georg Simon's Albatros D.III

Kit: Eduard (1:48)

This is the Eduard non profi kit. I built the kit OOB except for the MGs.The Model represents the early Alb. DIII flown by Georg Simon,Jasta 11.The Camo is Polyscale,Tamiya,and Floquil paints.Jasta 11 Red is a mix of Floquil British Crimson and a touch of Boxcar red.The Green Band on the fuselage is Tamiya acrylic.Decals are from the kit and Aeromaster.Rigging is HSS.This was the first major rigging I had done in about 10 years! Still alittle touch up necessary(someday)

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