Jack Gartner's 1/48 Morane Saulnier Type AI

This is the Copper State Models kit.

Kit prop, handpainted with artists acrylics.

Front of engine, metal cowl and firewall, all from kit. Cowling has cooling holes enlarged and lower vents cut in. Note that firewall has styrene tube for properly mounting engine.

Back of engine and firewall. .010" styrene sheet glued between front and back firewall for rigid support.

Shows installed rear gas tank (supplied), forward gas tank (scratched) and fill rings (supplied).

Inside framing (scratched) and outside fuselage panel (supplied).

Floorboard, rear bulkhead cover, cockpit "tub" deck and seat. Except for seat back, all parts scratchbuilt. Wood parts handpainted with artists acrylics.

Scratchbuilt stick. Still need to add control wires.

Bar, end frames and floor mount are from kit. Added tape straps and monofilament control wires.

Painted and decaled upper wing as per kit instructions.

Painted and decaled upper wings as per old Datafile and confirmed by Matt Bittner (minus a few anomalies), Francophile par excellence!

Assembled fuselage (sans interior).

Closeup of control panel.
Tail empennage from above and below and closeup of tail and scratched landing skid. A first for me on a WWI kit, I dropped the elevators! In retrospect, given how delicate these were (Eric did a NICE job on producing these and the tail!), I probably should not have picked this model to try dropping the elevators!
Front, side and bottom views of undercarriage. Main struts are kit parts, center V struts, axle and fairing scratchbuilt.

Everything in place except for the upper wing control rods which will fit into the slots in the floor. The control stick looks funny because it is leaning towards the camera, as elevators are dropped.

Set in place showing how cockpit will look when closed up. You can make out some instruments, plus the rudder and stick control wires.

The pictures of the underside I previously posted had hatches for the 30C (according to the instruction set). This new picture accurately depicts the 27C hatch, plus note the addition of the scratchbuilt step.

This shows the engine asembly and windscreen PE attached. Also notice the progress of the puttying to fair in the gun deck to the fuselage.

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