Various nationalities
by Eric Gallaud

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Aero A-1

Kit: RVHP (1:72)

The plane

The Aero A-1 (or A-10), is a Hansa-Brandenburg modified and build post-war by a Czech company, Aero. You can find references for this plane on this site (under Hansa-Brandenburg B.I) and on the site of Marek Mincbergr (link in the link page on this site).

The kit

This is the 1/72 scale resin kit from RVHP. It is well molded, but with almost no interior details. There is no decal provided, so I bought the APC ones at, ref 72015. I chose to represent the plane as presented in the Kbely museum in Prague.

The assembly

With the help of the pictures from the original plane, I completely scratched the interior of the fuselage, added some external details like footsteps. It was also my first attempt to do a "sponge effect" with foam. The struts are made from Contrail stuff and pinned with brass.

Thank you to Dame Karen to sell this kit to me during one of her great sales.

Nakajima Ko-3

Kit: Choroszy Modelbud (1:72)


Following the WW1, the Japanese army imported a number of aircraft that had proved themselves in combat. Additionally, there were French Nieuport 24C1 imported in 1917. These were found to be the most manoeuvrable, and the Nieuport 24C1 became standard fighter.

The Japanese Army referred to them as the Type Ni-24. In November 1921, a new designation system for Army aircraft was enacted, and became the Ko-3. Nakajima was the only manufacturer to build them : 30 in 1921, 47 in 1922 and 25 in 1923.

The kit

This is the resin kit from Choroszy Modelbud, 1/72 scale. This is a very good kit, close to the drawing of the Nieuport 24 included in the Nieuport Datafile special. There are some bubble, but no real problem. The inside is to be redone partially. IMHO, this is the only real problem.


This is a very straightforward kit to build. I did it in 1 month and half, which is a performance for me !!! I didn't escape from the AMS syndrome but it can be built OOB. I think I will buy some other Nieuport of this range.

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