USAS Models
by Eric Gallaud

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Aeromarine 39B floatplane

Kit: Ardpol (1:72)

The plane

In 1917, the US Navy placed an order with the Aeromarine Plane and Motor Company for 50 of the model 39A and 150 model 39B trainers. At the time, this was the largest single order for US Navy aircrafts. On October 26, 1922, a model 39B piloted by Lt. Cdr. Geoffrey De Chavalier, made the first landing on the deck of the Navy's aircraft carrier, the USS Langley. The plane described here is a 39B floatplane.

The kit

This is the kit from ARDPOL 1/72 which is shown here. This is a very good kit as far as I can judge regarding the moulding, the detailling and the drawing (I didn't scale down the drawing to check the exact dimensions).

The assembly

It is a very straightforward kit to build even if you are subjected to AMS like me. You can follow the complete building process here :

Soubiran's SPAD XIII

Kit: Eduard (1:72)

This is the non Profipack Eduard kit, kindly offered by Shane Weier when he went to Paris in February 2004.

My first intention with this kit, was to test 2 methods of masking for 5 colour camo. The Eduard mask (ref XS564) and the silly putty kindly provided by Warren Dickinson. To do this comparison, I built 2 SPAD XIII, this one using Silly Putty and a French one with Eduard mask (see 'French models' section).

My conclusion is that I obtained better results with Silly Putty, it was easier to work with it, takes better the curves and has the shape that you want to give to it.

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