Russian Models
by Eric Gallaud

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First of all, I have no information about the history of this armoured-car.

Anyway, this is a very well cast kit (only few bubbles), very straightforward to build. I only added 4 handles on the bonnet and add some details on the steering, with the help of the drawing provided and my little knowledge in car engineering. In addition, I raised the level of the front wheels axis to have the vehicle horizontal. It tooks to me 1 week to build, which is very fast for me but it could be shorter than that.

Something I forgot : this is the 1/72 Modelkrak kit

Sikorsky Ilya Muromets

Kit: ICM (1:72)

This is the ICM kit in 1/72. I rebuilt completely the inside, added 4 wooden propellers and spent some time to rig this model. I used pastel to apply some weathering. I started this kit 3.5 years ago, so, there are some elements that I shouldn't do like I did (in my opinion), but I will not build an other Ilya, I have too many other big planes to do before ;-)

Olchovskij torpedo fighter

Kit: Omega Models (1:72)


This plane was built in 1917. There was only one plane built and it has a relatively long career as training plane. The main source of documentation that I found for this plane is "Russian Aeroplanes 1914-1918" from Mikhail Maslov.

The kit

This is a kit which requires some filling and sanding. I made it with ski with the idea to put it on a little diorama where I want to try to represent the snow.

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