Morane-Saulnier Models
by Eric Gallaud

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Morane-Saulnier Type N

This is the 1/72 HR model kit. I tried a new technic (for me) to represent the cowling paint worn away by castor oil. I sprayed a coat of Alclad aluminium, then handbrush a coat of Tamiya semi-gloss black. I let it dryed for few days and then "attacked" the black paint with my X-Acto. I was a little bit afraid but it went well. The red bands are made with Misterkit French roundel red. I didn't use the kit decal but A/G for the wing roundels. I added a wooden propeller with bullets deflectors. The Windsock datafile was a great help especialy for the paint scheme.

Morane-Saulnier Type AI

Kit: CzechMaster (1:72)

This is the very nice 1/72nd CzechMaster resin kit, OOB except the wooden propeller from M. Digmayer. I used AGAMA paints and added EDUARD seat belts. The windscreen is "filled" with CLEARFIX.

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