British Models
by Eric Gallaud

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This is the Ardpol kit 1/72. I used the Eduard Lewis MG and ring for the rear one and the Part one for the front. The propeller is from M. Digmayer. The paints are Misterkit for the PC10 and CDL. The rigging is monofilament blackened and brass rod for the rudder control. The control horn are from Part. I had a problem with the dihedral angle of the top wing, I tried to add some but with no real success.

Armstrong Whitworth FK10

Kit: Czech Model Resin (1:72)


The first flight of this plane took place in September 1916. It had no good flight ability and on the 50 ordered, only 8 were delivered.

The kit

This is the CMR kit (the only one ?) and, according to the very few documents I found, it is quite realistic. The interior has already the tank, the seats, rudder bar and a support with some various indicators. I added few details on the sides of the fuselage. I also scratched the struts.

The main problem with this plane is obvious : the wings. I started by gluing the one fixed on the fuselage, then the lower one and then the third one. At this stage, I painted the battleship grey and when dry, I masked the painted part prior to attach the upper wing. After that, I painted the whole kit except the top of this last wing.

I painted the struts and the propeller with a coat of Humbrol 63 then with raw burnt umber oil paint.

The scheme to attach the rigging is somewhat tricky. You have to pass through all of the wings with some wires and it is not easy to have them straight.

However, when this plane is finished, you have a pretty unusual addition to your collection and in the exhibitions, a lot of funny comments of the visitors.


Kit: Roden (1:72)

I did this kit for Internet Modeler January 2004. This kit is built with the PE set from Part.

The main difficulty came from the decals. They tend to disintegrated themselves. Roden sent a new set which were better.

Sopwith Camel

Kit: Revell (1:28)

This is the Revell 1/28 scale kit. I followed the work done by D. Burke and it "push" me to start this building


The pushrods are removed and replaced by spring steel wires, the spark plug wires are added. A wooden propeller is added with propeller boss and nuts from Copper State Models.


I realised the seat with brass for the armature and thin copper wire for the rattan.

Inside the cockpit I scratchbuilt the wooden structure in wood. Nothing looks better wood than wood. the tanks are made from wood cover with a sheet of Evergreen. The instruments on the dashboard come from Copper State Models like the throttle quadrant and some other details. I scratchbuilt the petrol circuit with copper wire and plastic for the various devices.

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