Spad Aircraft
by Marc Flake

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Kit: Planet Models (1:72)

This is the Planet Models 1/72 scale SPAD XI in resin. I added a propeller, exhausts, machine gun and mounting from the spares box, Rigging is with Ethicon .005 surgical wire. I exaggerated the SPAD XIII camouflage pattern by stretching it out a bit to fit the bigger airframe.

Madon's SPAD XII

This is the 1/72 SPAD XII from Pegasus. It depicts Georges Felix Madon's mount. I built this concurrently with two Meikraft SPAD XIII's. I made some serious mistakes with one of them and ended up using some of its parts to enhance other models I was building. In this instance, I used the cabane struts. One addition to the kit is an aluminum tube poking through the propellor hub to simulate the cannon. There's also a scratchbuilt Depersussin steering column that used styrene rod and a steering wheel I found in my spares box. It's painted in Humbrol Linen and Signal Red and rigged with .005 Ethicon surgical wire.

Baracca's SPAD XIII

This is Revell's 1/72 kit of the SPAD XIII. All the interest in Eduard's SPAD XIII kindled a desire inside me to build a model of the famous aircraft. As I already had two Revell kits and two Meikraft kits, I decided to build them. This is the first of the Revell kits. As it is a rounded-wing-tip version of the SPAD XIII, I decided to use the kit decals for Baracca's mount. Additions include some interior bits from extras culled from one of the Meikraft kits. Meikraft duplicated some of his plastic parts with metal parts. Oddly enough, the kit's decal for the tail feathers was much too small for the actual model. I had to use a strip of decal from a set of Italian national markings produced by Superscale. Rigging is with .005 Ethicon surgical wire. I chose the light blue gray underside version for this depiction.


This is the 1/72 Meikraft SPAD XIII. I cannot recommend this kit, but there is now no need to. At one time, this, along with the Czechmasters kit, was the most accurate 1/72 SPAD XIII around. I obtained two in a hobby shop clearance sale a few years ago. When Eduard began distributing it's own 1/72 SPAD XIII, I decided to clear out my stash by building all that I had. The two Revells that I built were pleasant projects, but the two Meikraft kits were nightmares. Absolutely nothing fit. I puttied, sanded, fiddled and clipped just about every piece or step. I got so frustrated with one kit that I threw it away, keeping the PE fret and interior goodies for the Revell kits and other projects. The kit did not come with decals, so I pawed through the decal drawer and came up with this scheme for a postwar U.S. Army SPAD XIII that is featured in many references on this type (and is the featured version of the 1/48 Testor's kit). It's painted in overall PolyScale Olive Drab and rigged in .005 Ethicon surgical wire.



This is the 1/72 Revell SPAD XIII, one of two kits I owned before Eduard's kits arrived on the scene. The big advantage that the Revell kit retains is that it represents the round-wing-tip version. I did some research and found that the RFC (RAF) used this type of SPAD in 23 Squadron. The most frequently pictured aircraft being "A" #B6732. I rummaged through my decal stash and had to model "C" #B6734 (serial number not confirmed by photographic evidence).

The primary challenge on the Revell kits was dealing with the strut slots on the upper and lower wings. I chose the "beige" option for the underside color on this model to compliment the "light-blue-gray" option on Baracca's SPAD. I used a variety of Humbrol, PolyScale and ModelMaster paints, as well as .005 Ethicon wire for the rigging.

Nungesser's SPAD XIII

This is the non-profipack version of the 1/72 Eduard SPAD XIII. I didn't have any problems that weren't created by myself. I'm pleased with the outcome.


This is also the non-profipack version of the 1/72 Eduard SPAD XIII, but I added some bits to it. I used the engine compartment screens from a Meikraft kit as well as decals from PD Models. I was not happy with the decals as they crakced when I applied the clear coat and required significant touching-up. Rigging is with .005 Ethicon surgical wire.

SPAD XIII - a comparison

Several list members expressed an interest to see the Meikraft, Revell and Eduard 1/72 kits displayed together so that they could see the differences. I took these pictures to provide that comparison. Here are four views of the three kits. In order to view which kit is which run your cursor over the white box below.

Meikraft Eduard Revell

Guynemer's SPAD

While working on two 1/48 scale SPAD VIIs, I backslid and also worked on this 1/72 scale SPAD VII by Airfix built as one of Guynemer's mounts. I've read quite a bit about how to fix this kit on the list and included some of those suggestions in this build. I sanded all the "corrugations" off the wings, added an aftermarket Rosemont seat in the cockpit and added details with strip and rod styrene both inside and outside. I used the kit decals, but wished I still had my Blue Rider set with Guynemer's insignia on it. The prop and wheels are from the spares box.

Ciselet's SPAD VII

This is the 1/48 scale Blue Max SPAD VII built as Belgian Sous Lt. Ciselet's machine.  The decals are from an old Aeromaster sheet. Unfortunately, the yellow on the decals was too translucent.  I had to add yellow circles from a sheet of yellow decal material as well as yellow stripes for the fuselage.  The comet can be applied either over or underneath the yellow/red stripes.  I chose the latter as that allowed me to paint the cowl ring yellow/red, too.  This scheme is from a photograph in the Glenco/Arco-Aircam book.  I should note that there is a contingent of historians who believe the stripes should be white and red. 

Lufbery's SPAD VII

This is the 1/48 scale SPAD VII from Special Hobby. This is a nice little kit with lots of fiddly bits. It is not a slammer and will challenge the skills of the modeler. I built it as one of Raoul Lufbery's machines using decals from the Americals Lafayette Escadrille series.


Kit: MAC (1:72)

Here is the MAC 1/72 SPAD VII, tricked out in RFC PC 10. I think she looks strikingly attractive in this get up. I really enjoyed working on this kit. I can't think of any major malfunctions. I chose the option for the over-wing Lewis gun, but couldn't use the decals the kit came with. According to the Aviatik book on the type, the registration number for this particular aircraft is the one you see on it now. I used some numbers from the Pegasus British Reigstration Numbers decal sheet.


Kit: Omega (1:72)

This is the 1/72 scale SPAD A2 by Omega. Although it was rather intimidating in the box, I found it to be a rather worry-free build. Then, again, I had the FMP book on French aircraft as a reference to help out where the instructions were lacking.

Lenoir's SPAD VII

Kit: Roden (1:32)

Roden's 1/32 scale SPAD VII is a challenging kit. The full engine doesn't fit with all the cowl panels in place, the radiator 'grill' is missing and the fit in many areas is poor. However, with some work, it turns out looking fantastic.

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