Pfalz Fighters
by Marc Flake

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Degelow's Pfalz D.IIIa

This is the Degelow paint job from the instructions. I have since heard that this aircraft was painted overall black. But, it's possible he flew it once or twice with the wings left silbergrau.

Pfalz D.III

I can't say much about this that hasn't already been said on the list. A little more flash than Toko kits, but ALL the struts fit where they were supposed to fit. The silbergrau is Folkart Metallic Aluminum, sprayed with Gunze-Sanyo Clear Flat. The yellow stripe was cut from a sheet of solid Insignia Yellow from Superscale. The tail and nose were painted with Gunze-Sanyo Insignia Yellow.

Rigging was done with .005 steel wire from

Klein's Pfalz D.XII

Both the Roden D.III and the Toko D.XII provide options to portray aircraft flown by a Lt. Klein. They both have the same color scheme. Unfortunately, no one of the list has seen a D.XII painted with silbergrau. Of course, who's to say there aren't some pictures of this bird in Eastern Europe that no one on the list has seen yet?

Biggest problem with the D.XII, like all Toko kits, are in the struts -- this time the cabane struts. I clipped the inner "V" off and replaced it with the appropriately sized Evergreen rod.

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