Fokker Fighters
by Marc Flake

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Fokker D.VI

My kit of the 1/72 Roden Fokker D.VI model did not have any decals. Rather than attempt to get replacements, I went ahead and used aftermarket product from Americal-Gryphon (lozenge) and SuperScale (everything else). I used the kit instructions to apply the paint.

Although not technically accurate (the kit ustilizes the Fokker Triplane fuselage/empenage sprue instead of producing an accurate D VI fuselage) I love the way this kit looks, with its family resemblance to both the Triplane and the D VII.

Falke's Fokker D.VII

I took the Revell D VII kit and hypothesized another paint scheme. I used Americal/Gryphon four-color lozenge and Superscale 1/16" black stripes.

This would be another of fictional pilot Lt. Mark Falke's hypothetical machines.

Berthold's Fokker D.VII

This is Roden's Early Fokker D VII kit using Rudolf Berthold's markings. I addressed the lower wing problem by cutting it in half and filling the gap with sprue. A couple of the cabane struts had to be trimmed. For some reason, the balkenkruz on the fuselage sides shows up better on my digital camera than it does in real life. In real life, you can barely see it. Curious.

Degelow's Fokker D.VII

and ...
This is Roden's 1/72 kit of the early Albatros version of the D VII that was finished in Carl Degelow's mount. As with the
Berthold bird, I cut the lower wing in half and filled the gap with styrene. The biggest problem with this kit were the decals. They wouldn't lie down (lay down?). I even used Solvaset to no avail. On the lower wings, I used white glue -- a messy, slow process. On the upper wing, I used Testor's Liquid cement -- a scary, quick process that melted the deals down onto the plastic. Used very little cement. Be careful if you try to duplicate. I messed up the Roden white stag and replaced it with the PD Models version I had in my stash.

Bauxtaupf's Fokker D.VII

This is Monogram's 1/48th scale Fokker D VII. I got the idea for the color scheme from the boxtop for Eduard's 1/72 SPAD XIII. I thought that was one sharp-looking D VII getting shot up. I'm guessing this depiction is about as hypothetical as Klien's Pfalz D XII. So, I'll just say that the fictional pilot of this hypothetically painted bird is Hauptmann Eduard Bauxtaupf.

Regarding the kit: I really liked the way this old-timer went together. I hardly used any putty at all and only sanded lightly a few times. I detailed the cockpit with strip and rod styrene and with Eduard's detail set. I used some of Eduard's exterior details, too, but not the replacement engine panels. I may use these on another kit.

Lowenhardt's Fokker D.VII

This is another rendition of the venerble 1/48 scale Monogram Fokker D VII. I detailed the interior with strip and rod styrene and some Eduard WW I instrument faces (see the close-up). The five-color decals are from Pegasus. The national insignia from the kit.

Polish Fokker D.VIII

I built the 1/72 scale Fokker D.VIII out-of-the-box, including using the rather bright decals. In an attempt to tone them down I applied them on an overall PolyScale Fokker Dark Green finish. This worked better on the underside decals.

I decided on Polish markings after the list discussion on how Nov. 11 was Polish Independence Day and reading stories of the purloined aircraft and heterogenous squadrons that made up the fledgling Polish Air Force.

I used Dave Zulis' blue tack method to apply the top wing, only my tack was yellow.

Fokker D.VIII

This is the Eduard 1/72 Fokker. I found it to be an easier build that the Roden version. It also finishes out cleaner. The photoetched struts weren't as big a bear as I thought they'd be. Lozenge by Americal Gryphon. Otherwise kit decals are used.

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