Miscellaneous Central Powers Aircraft
by Marc Flake

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Hansa-Brandenburg W.29

This is the first kit I *bought* after joining the list, even though I had about 20 other WW 1 kits unbuilt in the closet. I just had to see what all the Toko excitement was about.

I used the Americal-Gryphon decals.

The kit may look like it was painted in two different colors, one for each picture. It wasn't, the photos were just taken with two different types of lighting, natural sunlight and photofloods.

P Class Zeppelin Z-38

Kit: MARK I Models (1:720)

This is model of the Imperial German Flying Corps' first attackers. It's painted Tamiya Buff for the fabric and ModelMaster RLM 02 for the gray parts. It is an easy project that needs some minor filling and sanding for the dorsal and ventral seams. It's a bit small -- about 8 1/2 inches, or the size of a 1/700 British battlecruiser. I haven't decided on a display mode yet so it's photographed sailing above clouds and mounted on the kit's stand.

Lohner Te

I've had this Wings 72 kit in my inventory for about 15 years. After finding the list I got inspired, pulled it out and began cutting prts out of styrene.

The machine gun came from Rosemont, the seats were sctratchbuilt and the rigging was .007 monofilament. After this, I've gone mainly to steel wire.

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