Albatros Fighters
by Marc Flake

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Falke's Albatros D.V

Fantasy Scheme

There was some discussion earlier this year (2000) about how we would paint our fantasy aircraft. I've always liked the DV with the headrest and I had these red blitzes I would never use on any historical aircraft. Therefore, I created a mount for Lt. Mark Falke, Jasta 12.

Konnecke's Albatros D.Va

These are the same pictures I sent to the Albatros Cook-up. I took the 1/72 Eduard Albatros DVa kit and converted it to a DV with some styrene aerlion actuators. Paint is Xtracolor Willow Green on the fuselage and tail. Polly Scale Mauve and Fokker Dark Green for the wing upper surfaces and RLM light blue for the under surfaces. Red tail outline was hand painted with ModelMaster Italian Red.

Waldhausen's Albatros D.Va

The 1/72 Eduard Albatros DVa Profipack kit was used for this one. I selected the decals for Waldhausen because I wanted to try my hand at wood graining. I used the watercolor pencil method. I began with a coat of ModelMaster Wood, then the panel lines were drawn in with a chocolate colored pencil. I then scratched in the wood grain on each panel with the chocolate pencil. Afterward, I brushed on Tamyia Clear Yellow. The lozenge is Superscale's five-color version.

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