Planes of French manufacture
by Paul Fisher

REP Parasol

REP Parasol The Royal Naval Air Service purchased one dozen Parasols in France, utilizing them in bombing raids, home defense sorties and reconnaissance. The first Parasol, 8454, was delivered to 4 Wing, Eastchurch, on 26 August 1915, and is shown here armed with a fuselage mounted carbine and a 20 lb. Cooper bomb. Its all-steel construction, triangular cross-section, unusual undercarriage, and enigmatic color scheme make the REP Parasol an intriguing subject. Available photographs suggest that they were applied with a neutral-colored dope. In "WWI British Aeroplane Colours and Markings", Bruce Robertson relates a vague reference to the French delivering some planes with a grey scheme during this period. As such, I have chosen a neutral grey for the overall finish. Most Parasols had the typical RNAS red-and-white insignia with a Union Jack to the rudder. Though 8454 was photographed bearing rudder stripes, traces of its original flag are just discernable. I have attempted to represent this by overlaying decals. It is of further interest that the fuselage cockades have been painted only red, leaving the center portions not white, but simply bare metal.

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