Allied aircraft
by Roger Fabrocini

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Sopwith 2f1 "Ship's Camel"

Kit: Roden (1:72)

A bit of 'artistic license' used regarding colours (PC10 too green, aluminum cowling)and the ignored 'mistakes' by Roden. A bit fidgety, but are not most WWI a/c?

Bristol F.2B "Brisfit"

Kit: eduard (1:48)

Eduard is making it all too easy.(what with P.E. turnbuckles and the like). nod to Monsieur Verlhac for the inspiration radiator shutter and prop boss from the PART P.E. set intended for the Roden kit) rigging is .002" monofilament with Eduards 1:72 P.E. turnbuckles markings are of Lt. Col. McKeever's last F.2b of no. 11 squadron. (courtesy of my Roden kit) paint is Gunze acrylics and Mr. Color. detail painting done with Vallejo acrylics. wood replicated with artist oils only problem encountered was with the gap between the top wing and fuselage/cowling (too small), probably my own fault

Eduard 1:72 Nieuport Ni-23

Kit: Eduard (1:72)

another nice kit from Eduard. Adjutant Edmonde Thieffry, 5. Escadrille 'Comete', Belgium, 1917. I used most of the enclosed P.E. set plus Eduard's 1:72 turnbuckles and control horns. rigging is .002 Dia-Riki. Silver dope is Mr. Color 'Super Silver' lacquer. Cowling the same with a dry-brush (a scrub really) of Mr. MetalCote Stainless

1:72 Eduard Nieuport Ni-23

Kit: Eduiard (1:72)

My second build from Eduard's Ni-23 Dual Combo kit. This one I finished a little more basically, I.E. without some of the supplied P.E. and no modified parts. I did use Eduard's P.E. turnbuckles (I find they make rigging a dream) and control horns. Silver dope is Mr. Color Silver lacquer. Details painted with Vallejo acrylics. Prop is artist oils over Floquil Foundation. Marks of Russian Imperial AF Ni-23, flown by Kibanov, October, 1917

Roden 1:72 SE5a

Kit: Roden (1:72)

not the most 'user friendly' of kits. wonderful small detail, poor fit, crap decals. PART P.E.(my first reaction when viewing the fret was to laugh) added as well as Eduard stitching (a tad over sized, i sanded them down a bit). rigging is .002" monofilament. exhaust are weathered with Mig pigments


Kit: Eduard (1:72)

Pretty straight forward build. Roden Vickers used. Rigging is painted .002mm Dai-Riki monofilament, stretched spruce for the cabane rigging. (it was just easier getting it in there) paints are gunze sail for the CDL. wood is artist oils, exhaust vallejo acrylics. Eduard really did a nice job when they re molded the wings, much finer detail. i've seen Roque's XIII modeled with the a/c number repeated on the upperwing and the cowling white. i have replicated it as per Eduard's instructions.

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