John Ernst's Static Models

This is my version of the Toko Siemens Schuckert D.III. I felt obligated to model Ernst Udet's scheme seeing as we share the same name and all....kinda. I chose to represent the plane prior to the change over to the losenge pattern wings.

The paints are all Ceramcoat acrylic mixed with Future. The model is sprayed with "Krylon - Satin" overcoat. It may be still too glossy.

Eduard Albatros DVa
Built from the non-profipack kit, this represents Lt. Max Nather's mount. The plane was built OOB, and was brush painted with MM acrylics. Rigging is invisible thread (har har - there is no rigging).

Toko N.11
Several of the fuselage decals I wanted to use fell apart, so I ended up using the Viking scheme.....

Eduard Fokker Dr.1 non profipack

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