German models
by John Ernst

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This is a DPCM laser cut kit of an Albatros D.V. The span is 17.65 in, the weight with prop is 25.5 gms. All markings are Japanese tissue, the fuselage is chalked tissue, the rigging is elastic thread. The prop is plastic with wood grain painted on. The paints are Ceramcoat acrylics mixed with Future.

Hopefully it will fly on a single loop of 1/4" rubber, approximately 12 " long.

Fokker D.VIII

6.21.04 - This is a 15" laser cut kit by DPCM Models. It represents the unconfirmed mount of Theo Osterkamp. The markings are all hand-drawn with black pen directly on to the tissue. LG is assembled with monofilament line for flexibility.

6.28.04 - Covering complete. Assembly begins.

6.29.04 - Assembly complete. Weight is 17 gms w/o rubber motor.

Fokker D.VII

Fokker D.VII built from a Peerless plan and has an 18" wingspan.

HalberStadt CL.II

This is a Halberstadt CL.II built partially from scratch and partially a DPC kit.

The color scheme is one that was mentioned in the CL.II Datafile that appeared on a plastic kit box, but is was never documented. The span is 17.25 in.

Hope to test fly it soon...or at least as soon as the weather breaks.

Junkers D9

First is a Junkers D-9. The span is 16". The corrugations were done w/colored pencil. I glued uncooked spagetti side by side to a board and used it as a rubbing pattern for the tissue.

Hansa Brandenburg W-29

This is the 1/72 Eastern Express W-29 OOB. I used the kit decals, and had a slight problem on the right wing panel.

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