Central Powers Aircraft Model Images
by Nick England

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Herman Goering's Fokker D.VII

Kit: Revell (1:48)

Make no bones about it. This kit's a dog.

The moulds date back to the 50's, it's quite inaccurate in many places, needs so much scratch building to make anything of it, but is great fun to make in the process!

I liked the fact it's a biplane with no rigging, although there are some parts that need bracing wire.

I put a lot of effort into the scratch building of the cockpit, as there's virtually nothing included in the kit, and it's very open. I used plastic card for the flooring and dash, bits of guitar string for the sidewalls, and sprue for the side dials and rudder pedals. A couple of Mike Grant decals finished the dash of. Seatbelts were made from painted medical tape.

The fuselage had to be cut to make a more realistic placement for the machine guns, and a fuselage patch was made from a cut up biro lid and filled in with putty.

I finished it off as Herman Goering's all white mount. Easier to paint!

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