Len Endy's Central Powers Models

Eduard 1/48th Pfalz D.IIIa - Holtzem's Markings

SOB except that I added both radiator hoses and the gravity tank fuel lines.

Toko 1/72 SSW D.III. Finished in Lt Greven's Jasta 12 scheme from B. Pearson's profile.. Basically OOB except I removed the headrest. The prop presented a dilema as Greven's bird had no spinner. The Toko prop was useless w/o the spinner so I trimmed down the spinner till it was flush with the prop and then added a prop boss that was printed on paper. Lozenge is Aeromaster and it was rigged with .006 fly fishing tippet using Dennis' DURAS.

DML 1/48 Fokker D.VIII. Straight out of the box including the awful DML lozenge ! I did spray a light mist of green over them to tone them down some.

Finally got a few pics for you of the W.29. It's the Pegasus kit straight ouf of the box. The floats were done by undercoating w/a sand/CDL color and then overpainting with a craft type acrylic paint. Prop was done the same way except for a darker top coat.

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