Armor Models
by Charlie Duckworth

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French Schneider CA

Kit: Hobby Boss (1:35)

Hobby Boss' French Schneider CA. The hull and PE when together extremely well but the tracks are three pieces each and were a pain to build. Paint is Tamiya and Vallero with MIG pigments for weathering.

French St. Chamond

Kit: Takom (1:35)

This is the French St. Chamond WW1 tank from Takom in 1/35th scale. It was finished Tamiya Medium Blue as a start. I then drew in the various patches with a black pen and masked off two of the blue gray patches. I thought this was going to take me until next Christmas so I broke out my Vallejo paints and brush painted a patch brown as a test. The brush marks faded away so I did another in gray-green and another in Stone. I outlined the patches with a Micron .005 black pen and the airbrushed a mix of Dullcote with a few drops of Floquil Roof Brown and Grimy Black to tone out the colors. Military dry pigments were added for the Western Front mud and dust on the carbody, running gear and tracks.

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