Allied Model Images
by Charlie Duckworth

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Here's the PYRO AVRO Biplane built right of of the box except I used Tom's Model Works brass wire wheels. The CDL is Floquil's Antique White with several drops of their Mud to give it a 'yellow' tint. The fuselage is Floquil Mud. Somewhere I read the wings were linen and the fuselage was covered in canvas. Engine was rebuilt using cylinders from a Lindberg Jenny and spark plug wires added. Rigging is done with .005 fishing line. The AVRO lettering on the bottom wing was made from black decal curves and straight pieces.

PYRO Bleriot XI

1/48th Pyro Bleroit. Paint was Testor's Desert Sand and the wire wheels came from the Eduard Fokker E.III kit.

PYRO Deperdussin

This is PYRO's Deperdussin build right out of the box. The right wing was completely reshaped with Dr. Micro as it was not completely molded properly. The wire wheels came from the Eduard Eindecker kit. Rigging is fishing line.

Lindberg Jenny

The Lindberg Jenny built right out of the box with decals from several sources. Rigging is fishing line; paint is Floquil Antique White mix. Brass screen was used on the front of the radiator. Interior is framed in model railroad wood stock and ceramic wire.

Belgian Morane Saulnier Type G

This is a 1/48th scale Belgian Morane Saulnier Type G, I am still working on. Rigging is fishing line and rib station caps were drawn on with a Micron .005 water-proof pen. Fuselage and wing black outlined were also draw on using a similiar Micron pen with a .010 tip.

Nieuport 10

Kit: Special Hobby (1:48)

Testors Nieuport 17

I built this a couple of years ago and it's a redone Testor's Nieuport with Aeroclub white metal engine and machine guns, bottom wing was lengthened, top wing redone and fuselage modified to match GA drawings in the Datafile. Tom's Model Work's interior was also used.

This model represents a naval Nieuport 17 with Escadrille N.313 based at Dunkerque. The hawk was hand painted and the French anchor came from an old Almark decal sheet. Reference for this model is in Nieuport Fighters of WWI by J. M. Bruce on page 28 photo 51 Tapes over the rib stations were hand painted using drafting tape as a guide.

Guynemer's Nieuport 17

I recently completed the 1/48th Eduard Nieuport 17 as one of Guynemer's a/c after long absence from completing a WWI model. The Nieuport is an easy model to help get one back into the fun. Rigging is a combination of fishing line and ceramic wire. Paint was a mixture of Tamiya aluminum and light grey. The cowling was finished in silver 'Rub-n-Buff'. The red/white/blue spinner took acouple of trys to get the blue small enough as to not over power the white and red. The decals came directly from the Eduard kit. My photo references show Guynemer standing next to his airplane and it's without the black pennant on top the fuselage - so I left it off the model.

Emhar Medium A Whippet

This 1/35 Emhar British Medium A Whippet was built by Charlie Duckworth. Model Cellar's track links were added, as well as, scratchbuilt storage bins. A prototype photo of this tank is on page 170 of 'Tanks and Trenches'. The horizonal and vertical black lines were added around the vision slits to confuse snipers. Weathering was done with Floquil paints and brown and black waterproof inks.

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