Voss's Fokker F.I
by Warren Dickinson

My version of Werner Voss' Fokker F.I by way of the Eduard 1/72nd Fokker F.I Profipack with the resin correction set from Rosemont. This is the first kit I have built since 1975, as well as my first time using an airbrush, resin, photo-etch, acrylic paints, re-positioning control surfaces, and rigging an OT subject. Whew, I bit off a big chunk to do all at once! Whatever you see here that is a positive is the result of all the help and patience of the members of the WWI Modeling list. All of the faults you see are mine.

The finish is MisterKit Fokker Turquoise with the streaky finish accomplished with a Cretacolor watercolor pencil. The correction set consists of a new resin top wing, cowling, and tail plane to correct those included in the kit as they are for the Dr.I

I wanted to accomplish two things with this build: 1) Have fun, and 2) Re-visit some old, and learn some new modeling skills. I was able to accomplish both.

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