Scale R/C WWI Models
by Chris Davies

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This page is for images of scale radio control WWI models.

R/C Sopwith Camel

The Camel is the VK kit OOB 1/6 scale.

R/C Sopwith Pup

Kit: Prototype (1:6)

Sopwith Pup prototype build.

Here are some construction notes: All four of our ww1 kits are in 1/6th scale to match the beautiful VK line sold by Proctor. For some this scale might result in a too small model, by today's standards, so we're thinking of adding a 1/5th scale series to what we have right now. Construction is traditional wood build covered by heat shrink Solartex or something similar. All our designs are developed using modern 3-d CAD software, and all parts are CNC milled for precise construction. We supply our own 0.6mm Brass etched fittings and heat resistant vacuum formed cowlings will also be available very soon. Right now we're in touch with the buyer of William Bros Ltd to negotiate the inclusion of machine gun kits and wheels in our kits. Hopefully further ww1 designs will follow soon (how about an FE-2b or a DH-2 or a Nieuport-28 or an Albatros D.III or a...?)

Some notes for each picture,

Fuse 03: The fuselage sides are built flat on the building board. I like working on glass. A method I copied from Mr. Scale, Dave Platt. As he says, it's murder on your fingers - getting the pins in!

Fuse 09: The formers are in place on one side and the other is added while the fuselage is inverted (the top line of the Pup's fuse frame is straight which helps when building a stick framed fuselage)

Fuse 16: CNC milled turtle deck formers (a real time saver) have been added and stringers glued in place. Nice and straight!

Fuse 18: Wings are mounted using 3mm Piano wire which fits neatly into 4mm brass tubes. Possible removal makes easy transportation if you have a small car.

Mainplanes 07: The wings are also built flat on the board.

Mainplanes 09: as is the top centre section.

Pup Kit 01: This is what's included in the kit. The nicely milled wooden parts can be seen very well here.

Etched Fret: No more fussing around with scratch built brass fittings here. This 0,6mm etched brass sheet includes all the metal fittings needed for our biplane models.

We're just about finishing off the vacuum forming moulds, getting ready for the first test shots. After we have the first cowlings the Pup is back to the photographer for more glamour shots in bare bones. Then we'll start covering it and she'll be ready for the maiden. After some more glamour shots and the successful maiden we will start advertising.

R/C Sopwith Triplane

The Triplane is from Tim Royal's Radio Modeller Plans, also 1/6th scale.

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