RAF Model Images
by Neil Crawford

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Airco DH-2

AIRCO DH2 of 24 sqn RFC, flown by Lieutenant Ker, shot down 1916. My model which I built in 1990 was based on drawings in Profile no.92, (but I painted the nose grey according to photos) and ScaleModels 6-72, thats all we had in those days. I started with the Revell kit and re-skinned or replaced everything but the wings. Struts are mostly wood, booms are piano wire covered with black decal, paint won't stick. Propellor is carved from marquetry wood (5 layers). Rigging consists of 72 wires (strue), all in the right places. Decals are Almarks or painted on. Paint is Gunze-Sangyo and Tamiya.

Sopwith Schneider

The Sopwith Schneider was developed from the Tabloid in 1913. Pixton won the Schneider trophy with it in 1914. The Schneider cup design was put into production with only minor changes. The rear fuselage was made detachable and the floats were redesigned, wing-warping was retained initially. The only major rebuilding on the model is the rear float, and filling of aileron gaps. Unfortunately the Eduard kit is not one of their latest, so a lot of extra refinement is required to bring it up to standard. The wing surfaces were rather rough, undersides OK, so I decided to skin all top surfaces with thin plasticard. I embossed the ribs with a pencil, then glued on with CA. Nose is covered with kitchen foil, prop is handcarved. Thanks to Anders Bruun for help with decals.

Sopwith Triplane

Sopwith Triplane from the Revell 1/72 kit, I can't remember much about this one except that it was a swine to photograph, there's always something out of focus. And then I saw a great big bit of hair in the rigging, on my best picture!

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