by Steve Cox

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Nissen Hut

Kit: Modakit (1:72)

The Nissen hut was first designed in 1915, with Mk2 and Mk 3 huts by 1917. This is the basic hut, 16ft wide 10ft high and 36' long. It was made as a simple hut with no extra windows, though these are an option in the kit.
The stove was scratch built from tube and card, plus a plinth to match pictures found on the internet.

The floor panel was scribed with 6" planks, painted with Bleached Bone with Sienna oil paint to make the wood grain. The insides of the doors were finished the same way. The internal framing was made from strip styrene, painted dark grey. External colours are Matt Dark Earth and Dark Green.

One window glass came off when I dropped the model before the roof was put on and the carpet gnomes took it without me noticing. This was beneficial in that I could adjust the framing after the roof went on, and I could get the chimney out when it dropped inside. The window was then 'boarded up' to finish the model.

Later a victorious pilot hung up a piece of lozenge fabric outside the window.

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