Aircraft Models
by Jacob Cohn

This page is the main page for images of models built by Jacob Cohn . Each thumbnail will take you to a separate page with several images of that model. Some pages will have images of several different models. For more information, Jacob can be contacted via E-mail at: jcohn8 at yahoo dot com .

Roden Albatros DIII Oeffag

This is the Roden Albatros DIII Oeffag s.153(late). It is built out of the box and rigged w/ .004" stainless steel wire.

This being my first attempt at digital photography, and using an older camera I cannot objectively judge the results; so if they are outright terrible please!! let me know and I will borrow a better camera.

Eduard Albatros DIII O.A.W. 1/48

Finished OTB w/ heat streched sprue. The airplane represented here is based on a Austro-Hungarian Albatros included in the color plate section of 'Squadron's Albatros in Action'. The oil cooler fell off during transportation and wasn't missed until the photos were taken.

Martinsyde Elephant

Kit: Roseplane (1:72)

This model of a Martinsyde G.102 Elephant was built from the Roseplane vacuform kit. A very nice kit; I rigged it with EZ line and used a combination of Tamiya and Gunzye acrylic paints. I used the decals supplied with the kit.

UFAG C.1 Austro-Hungarian Reconnaissance Bomber

Kit: Sierra Scale (1:48)

48 Scale constructed from Sierra Scale Vac kit - paint scheme generally following kit depiction and rigged with EZ Line.

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