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Oeffag Albatros D.II from Roden (1/72)

This is the 1/72 Roden Albatros Oeffag. I'm building it OOB (except the adding of seatbelts, made from scratch). The painting of fuselage is made with Vallejo acrylic wood color (paintbrush applied), completed with a pencil "Supracolor" 055 from Caran d'Ache.

Update Feb. 14, 2003

The kit was made entirely OOB, except the addition of the (home made) seatbelt. For the rendition of Plywood fuselage, I used a base of acrylic wood (Vallejo), then a Caran d'Ache Supracolor pencil nr055. The dope was made with a base of Tamiya beige, with addition of yellow and white. Perheaps the final result is a little bit too dark...

It was also the first time I used Klir (European equivalent of Future). I'm really impressed by that product. A very pleasant little kit.

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