Daniel Clamot's Allied Models

Fokker E.V from Roden (1/72)

That Fokker E V was obtained by the Belgians at the Armistice. She was unarmed; grips were reinforced; windshield came from another aircraft; propeller and wheels were those of a Fokker D VII; and the presence of a venturi can be noted.

Painting: Khaki overall (I used Tamiya XF-51).

Siemens-Schuckert D.IV from Eastern Express (1/72)

The aircraft was given to the Belgians after the war, with a lot of Fokker D VII as "butin de guerre". It was the only one Siemens Schuckert to have flown with Belgian colors. He was unarmed, and was the personal aircraft of Commandant Louis Robin (4 victories during WWI). The particularity of that aircraft is to have participated to the Belgian Olympic Games at Antwerp, 1920. The simulation of aerial combat was considered as a "sport", and Commandant Robin was the manager of the Belgian team who won the Gold medal (perheaps the fact that the games took place at Antwerp, Belgium, was helpful...)

Here are the very few modifications I've made: suppression of the machineguns, and realisation from scratch of the seatbelts.

I used the following paints:

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