Alberto Casirati's RAF Models

Bristol F2b "Fighter": Based on the old Airfix 1950's kit, this model was completed back in 1987. Wings were thinned down by vigorous sanding and ribbing was simulated by stretched sprue segments fixed with liquid cement and later sanded to a better appearance. Tailplanes and front fuselage decking were replaced by 0.3 mm plasticard items. Engine, Lewis gun with mounting and cockpit interiors were scratchbuilt in plasticard and stretched sprue, just as all struts and control horns. Wheels came from Revell's Nieuport 17.

This 1995 model is based on the old Revell 1/72nd kit. The cockpit upper decking was replaced by a 0.3mm plasticard item, which had been heat moulded over a balsa wood male mould. The typical exhaust channel for engine gases was added and the fuselage was skinned with plastic sheet, both to achieve correct dimensions and to cope with the badly moulded rear fuselage. Cockpit details were scratchbuilt in the usual manner, by means of stretched sprue and plastic sheet. Ribbing was sanded off and replaced by pre-painted decal strips. Tailplanes and all struts were replaced by new plasticard items, the fuselage struts being in one piece as per original practice. Wing inspection windows were cut out and covered by clear decal film. The simple markings were cut from white decal sheet. Wheels by Aeroclub, airscrew from the Martin Digmayer catalogue. As usual, rigging is 0.65 mm stainless steeel wire, glued with thinned down white glue.

The model is based on the old Revell 1/72nd kit. The rear fuselage was shortened and modified to end to a knife horizontal edge. The nose area was extensively reworked. Wings were modified in chord , span and position. A few cockpit details were scratchbuilt and the "office" upper decking was replaced by means of 0.3 mm and 0.1 mm plasticard parts, just as the tailplanes. All struts were replaced with heat-stretched plastic extrusions, while wheels came from the Aeroclub catalogue. The spinner was heat-moulded and a new airscrew shaped from plasticard. The gun was built from stretched sprue and sheet styrene. Wing ribbing reinforcement was made of decal strips.

This was my first serious attempt at detailing a WW1 aeroplane model. Starting from the Revell 1/72nd kit, interiors, radiator and engine were scratchbuilt in plasticard and sprue. The exhausts, the guns, all struts and the small external details were replaced with hand made items, while the Foster mounting was reworked from the kit offering. Decals from Microscale and Revell.

Here are some other pictures of my RE8 model for your site. A couple of modellers wrote to say they like it, so maybe the addition of a few pictures of the model under construction can be appreciated.

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