Alberto Casirati's Nieuport Models

This 1/72nd model was converted from the Esci Ni. 17 kit. As usual, cockpit interiors were scratchbuilt in plasticard and stretched sprue, while the engine cowling was shaped from 0.3mm sheet styrene. The engine was scratchbuilt, as as all struts, the Lewis gun and tailplanes. Decals came from the Americal Gryphon range. The model reproduces Ni. 3290 of the 85a Squadriglia A.R.E. (Aviazione del Regio Esercito), Albania 1917.

Nieuport Triplane - This is an older project: a simple conversion from the classic Revell 1/72nd kit of the Ni. 17. Scratchbuilt parts include cockpit interiors, middle and lower wings, tailplanes, ribbing, gun and struts. The upper wing was carved from a Ni. 17 upper wing. Engine and wheels by Aeroclub. Real laminated wood propeller by Martin Digmayer.

Nieuport 17 - The model is based on the classic 1/72nd Revell kit. Scratchbuilt parts included the upper fuselage forward decking, the interior details, the rudder, all struts, ribbing and the Vickers gun, together with smaller details. Wings' sweepback was corrected and the upperwing openings added. The engine cowling was reworked with a modelling drill, which was also used to add the typical cooling vents. Engine and wheels from Aeroclub, airscrew from a real laminated wood Camel prop by Martin Digmayer. Rigging is stainless steel wire, applied with thinned white glue. The model reproduces one of Capt. Francesco Baracca's mounts. Capt. Baracca was Italy's "Ace of aces" and totalled 34 confirmed victories before being shot down and killed in 1918.

Nieuport 11 - The model is based on the Toko 1/72nd kit of the Nieuport Ni.11. The model depicts one of the aeroplanes flown by the 76a Squadriglia of the Aeronautica del Regio Esercito in 1916.

Interiors, fuselage and wing struts, the undercarriage, the Lewis gun and its mounting and horizontal tail surfaces were scratchbuilt in plasticard and stretched sprue.

The engine cowling was reworked to more accurate shapes and proportions. The engine was replaced with an Aeroclub item and all edging to fuselage and flying surfaces was done by means of pre-painted decal strips. Although severe critics were published about this kit's outlines, comparing the enclosed pictures with some contemporary photographs of the real machine shows that, once completed, this kit seems pretty accurate.

Here are the pictures I promised to you of my 1/72nd Revell Nieuport Ni.28.

Cockpit interiors and ribbing were scratchbuilt, just as struts and guns. Wheel and airscrew came from Aeroclub, while the engine cowling was modified by careful sanding and drilling. Decals by Superscale and Americal-Gryphon. This was the model with which I came back to WW1 aircraft modelling after a very long period during which modelling (of all sorts) was just a dream......

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