Alberto Casirati's Fokker Dr.Is

Both models were built starting from the old Revell 1/72nd kit. The red triplane is 477/17, one of the mounts of Manfred von Richthofen, while the black machine is 450/17, flown by Josef Jacobs. Both models were conceived as very simple projects, to have some rest between two more complicated jobs. Scratchbuilding, modifications and additions were therefore limited to a minimum. 477/17 had a detailed cockpit, as well as new tailplanes, struts, guns, wheels, airscrew and a heat moulded engine cowling. 450/17 is even simpler, as only the cockpit, engine cowling and fuselage struts were scratchbuilt. It also had new Clerget engine, guns and wheels (from the Aeroclub catalogue).

If you are too much into serious modelling, try a simpler project: it is a refreshing experience.

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