by Paul Carpenter

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1/48 scale Bristol Boxkite

Kit: Scratch (1:48)

It appears as serial number CFS-3 - one of two Boxkites used by the Australia Flying Corps as training aircraft.It is rigged with monofilament nylon - a process that took 15 hours. The wheels are modified kit wheels - again rigged with monofilament nylon.For an old kit it isn't too bad - the canvas texture detail is a little coarse - but it would be easily removed - I left it there as an experiment and it doesn't look too overdone. I hope the purists out there will forgive me for not including turnbarrels on the rigging lines!

Gavia 1/48 scale Bristol Scout C

Kit: Gavia (1:48)

This is Gavia's 1/48 Bristol Scout C kit converted to the Australian Flying Corps D model. Ailerons were shortened, rudder made to the Windsock datafile drawings and the engine was replaced with a leftover Eduard white metal monosoupape. The cowl was enlarged to suit. I broke the top wing off THREE times during the building process - including once when it was fully rigged. Glad it was this aircraft and not the boxkite!

Bristol F2b - 1 Sqn Australian Flying Corps

Kit: Roden (1:48)

This is Roden's 1/48 scale Bristol F2b. It appears here in the markings of a 1 Sqn Australian Flying Corps aircraft, although not one of the aircraft for which the kit supplied markings. I simply needed a couple of number '4's for the serial. Some of you may have pictures of this aircraft sporting a different colour scheme, and indeed this aircraft spent some time (and was frequently photographed) with a white vertical stabiliser and differently coloured wings. It is rigged in a mix of monofilament and elastic. My only real criticism of the kit is that it does not supply any instrument decals - this would have been a nice touch. Making the model with the cowl covering the engine is also a bit tricky - requiring some thinning of the cowl pieces and a lot of dry fitting will help here. Carpo

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